Volume 10, Number 2 (May 2015)

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Majority runoff elections: strategic voting and Duverger's hypothesis Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
 Supplementary appendix
Laurent Bouton and Gabriele Gratton 283–314
Social activity and network formation Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Oliver Baetz 315–340
Transparency and price formation Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
 Supplementary appendix
Ayça Kaya and Qingmin Liu 341–383
Serial dictatorship: the unique optimal allocation rule when information is endogenous Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Sophie Bade 385–410
Merging with a set of probability measures: a characterization Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Yuichi Noguchi 411–444
Strategy-proofness and efficiency with non-quasi-linear preferences: a characterization of minimum price Walrasian rule Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
 Supplementary appendix
Shuhei Morimoto and Shigehiro Serizawa 445–487
Hidden actions and preferences for timing of resolution of uncertainty Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Haluk Ergin and Todd Sarver 489–541
A theory of school choice lotteries Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Onur Kesten and M. Utku Ünver 543–595
Price discrimination through communication Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
Itai Sher and Rakesh Vohra 597–648
Communication and influence Abstract  PRINT  VIEW
 Supplementary appendix
Antoni Calvó-Armengol, Joan de Martí, and Andrea Prat 649–690
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